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        • Lose up to a pound a day
        • Increase energy
        • Resets the metabolism
        • Reduce blood pressure
        • Improves the hypothalamus gland
        • Correct good and bad cholesterol levels
        • Helps diabetic patients
        • Body sculpting without surgery
        • Reduce or eliminate prescription medications
        • hCG is Safe for women and men
        • No hunger on the hCG diet
        • hCG is a natural hormone/protein type of substance  
        • hCG is actually GOOD for you
        • We provide unlimited one-on-one support 
        • Access to many recipes, menus and other coaching tools  

​​Why is everyone talking about the hCG diet?

Because it works!  Incredibly fast and safe weight loss, and the most important part is that  you are able to keep the weight off. 
The hCG diet is a  leading weight loss diet because it's effective, safe, and easy.  Let hCG help you to shed unwanted and unhealthy pounds. 
​The biggest reason for this  explosive growth is that the hCG Weight Loss really Works. It's that simple.
Another reason for the contagious popularity is that the hCG Weight Loss is considered to be FREE. The money saved on food spent in one week pays for the diet. The other weeks are just money saved while the fat melts  away

How hCG Works ?

Tiny amounts of hCG  are administered by mouth. The amount used is much less than what  is present during a woman's  pregnancy.  
The hCG then takes abnormal fat  that has been stored and changes  it into an energy that the body can use. This is equal to burning 2000 or  more calories in a day.  Compare to continuous dieting  or yo-yo dieting that only damages the body's  natural ability to regulate weight. 

​hCG stimulates the part of the brain  that regulates weight and works to  restore this ability. This prevents regaining  the weight that is lost. As hCG  makes the stored abnormal fat available for  consumption, the body starts using  the fat to live off of.
The fat is  now providing a source of energy  similar to the energy provided by food  consumption. Patients are instructed to consume no more than 500 calories from  food intake per day

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